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Personalize: Meeting the Needs of ALL Learners

A Principal's Reflections

Fate has a funny way of bringing together people with similar views and passions. In March of 2022, I worked with a school system in Provo, Utah. During a roundtable discussion, I was asked to discuss key aspects of personalized learning that are critical to successful implementation. There were a lot of people in the room who listened to what I had to say and seemed to be hanging on every word.

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How Semantic Pulse Surveys Can Boost Your School Climate

Cult of Pedagogy

Listen to my interview with Karen Borchert ( transcript ): Sponsored by Alpaca We have a lot of conversations about what should be done to make schools better. In these conversations, I hear a lot of ideas and I have a lot of ideas, but I think there’s one practice that should be done by any school that wants to improve, and it’s simple and free: Ask the people who are directly affected.

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Grad programs have been a cash cow; now universities are starting to fret over graduate enrollment

The Hechinger Report

ATLANTA — Two construction cranes hover over a giant worksite just outside the Scheller College of Business at the Georgia Institute of Technology. What they’re building is both a show of optimism in and a way to attract more students to something universities badly need but are beginning to worry about: graduate education. The $200 million project will house Scheller’s graduate and executive business programs in one tower, connected to Georgia Tech’s School of Industrial and Systems Engineering

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Education: Control, Inequality and Innovation


1979 is a key date in the development of education in England and Wales because it was in that year that Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and began a process of modernising conservatism, under both Conservative and Labour governments, that still, nearly 50 years later, exerts a vice-like grip on primary, secondary and, increasingly tertiary […]

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OPINION: Women education leaders need better support and sponsorships to help catch up

The Hechinger Report

In matters both big and small, women in education leadership are treated, spoken to and viewed differently than their male colleagues. And it impacts everything from their assignments and salaries to promotions. The career moves that are open to aspiring women leaders often propel them toward a very real glass cliff — leadership roles in which the risk of failure is high.

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Unveiling Neanderthal Hearths: A Major Development in Archaeological Science

An innovative approach to studying Neanderthal hearths has been hailed as a "major" breakthrough in archaeology, promising to shed new light on the behaviors of prehistoric humans. This groundbreaking research, published in the journal Nature 1 , utilized advanced dating techniques to analyze hearths at the El Salt site in Spain, revealing intricate details about the lives of Neanderthals.

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Teaching Geography Editorial Board vacancy

Living Geography

Here's an exciting opportunity for someone to be involved in the work of the Geographical Association. Information from GA website: Teaching Geography is the GA’s professional journal for secondary school geography teachers and is published three times per year. It contains articles on themes of interest for geography teachers and recent articles have included subject updates for teaching plate tectonics, encouraging student reading, using and embedding GIS, and decolonising the curriculum.