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Oral History of Forgottonia: Building a Public History Project in Rural Western Illinois


These are just a few interactions I’ve had since my students and I shared our public history project, “The Oral History of Forgottonia.” As part of the NCHE project, The Rural Experience in America , history club students at Cuba High School created a podcast about a local history topic of their choosing.

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Making Queer History Public Episode 2: Trans Lives and Oral History with Michelle Esther O'Brien


Making Queer History Public Episode 2: Trans Lives and Oral History with Michelle Esther O'Brien Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 11:01 In the second episode of Making Queer History Public, we talk with psychotherapist, teacher, and activist, Michelle Esther O’Brien.


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Using Conversational Video


This post will describe the importance of having secondary students engage in oral history projects and describe a new Artificial Intelligence technology StoryFile that can help students practice posing questions to pre-recorded conversational video without the heightened anxiety that comes with actually talking to a real person.

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Oral History Offers a Model for How Schools Can Introduce Students to Complex Topics

Education Week - Social Studies

Community history projects like a curriculum in Memphis, Tenn. can help students grapple with issues like school segregation, experts say.

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People’s History of Memorial Day

Zinn Education Project

Memorial Day Massacre Check out the documentary and companion oral history collection, Memorial Day Massacre: Workers Die, Film Buried about the 1937 Memorial Day Massacre, when police in Chicago shot at and gassed a peaceful gathering of striking steelworkers and their supporters, killing 10 people, most of them shot in the back. “The

History 111
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Decades Project for US History

Active History Teacher

I have tried several projects over the years: Oral History projects, “pick a topic from this year and research deeper”, Instagram summaries, etc. You need to keep your students engaged and everyone is exhausted! You want something that students can do independently that will hold their interest. Sound familiar?

History 195
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4 AI Tools for Any Classroom


Story File is ideal for helping students practice asking interview questions and conducting oral history projects. Imagine an Alexa that helps your students interview any historical figure living or dead? Try Story File and watch your students improve their speaking and listening skills.