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Research: The Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Learning


Research: The Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Learning contributed by Michael Mirra Abstract Diversity has been at the forefront of educational discussions over the last few years. Background research on children’s learning showed that preschoolers have two qualifiers when choosing an informer.

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What Is Mistake Literacy? The Research Of Learning Through Failure


The Research Of Learning Through Failure appeared first on TeachThought. Though it is perhaps not intuitive, Richland et al. 2009) found that error generation is positively correlated to enhanced memory. The post What Is Mistake Literacy?

Research 328

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New curriculum content –  approaches and research methodology

Psychology Sorted

As stated in the subject brief, the content for the new psychology course comprises the three approaches – biological, cognitive and sociocultural – and research methodology. It is important that students are able to apply any of these to each of the four contexts.

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A Classroom Research Project with Lasting Meaning

Teaching Anthropology

ELIZABETH KEATING, Professor of Anthropology & Graduate Faculty, Human Dimensions of Organizations, The University of Texas at Austin Teaching through research is recognized as one of the strengths of anthropology. The students used questions I developed and used in my research project.

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PROOF POINTS: Writing researcher finds AI feedback ‘better than I thought’

The Hechinger Report

Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, and Arizona State University found that human feedback was generally a bit better than AI feedback, but AI was surprisingly good. On a five-point scale that the researchers used to rate feedback quality, with a 5 being the highest quality feedback, ChatGPT averaged a 3.6

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Research-Influenced Learning Spaces

A Principal's Reflections

Research should be used to inform as well as influence the actions we take to implement sustainable change at scale. Below is an adapted section of Chapter 4 from our book that looks as research that can influence learning space design in classrooms and schools. Additionally, the study indicated that whole-school factors (e.g.,

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Celebrity Status Almost Ruined Ancient DNA Research


But because his 1984 paper appeared in a journal published in East Germany, the research did not reach global scientists or publics. Other teams rushed to conduct similar research. In a 1990 Nature study , researchers claimed to have extracted DNA from a nearly 20-million-year-old fossil of a magnolia leaf.

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