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Unpacking the Backpack

A Principal's Reflections

The social media landscape has changed quite dramatically when I first arrived in the space back in 2009. To put things in perspective, Instagram and TikTok were years away from existing, and Facebook was the dominant tool of choice. At that time, Twitter was emerging as the preferred space for educators to connect, and blogs were the go-to source for relevant ideas and strategies.

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People’s History of Memorial Day

Zinn Education Project

For Memorial Day, we feature an article by David Blight about the early origins of the holiday, led by African Americans in Charleston, South Carolina, after the Civil War; an article by Howard Zinn urging us to never embark on mass slaughter again; and the documentary and companion oral history collection, Memorial Day Massacre: Workers Die, Film Buried.

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Tough teaching interviews: reflections on intentions and impacts

Becoming a History Teacher

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on I was once in a conversation with a beginning teacher who told me about an interview question they had been posed. They then laid down a challenge: “I’m interested what you would have said”. The interview question was interesting, and not one I’d heard before: What three substantive historical concepts would you prioritise in the Key Stage 3 curriculum?

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A new GERECO blog on knowledge production

Living Geography

The GERECO blog occasionally comes to life with a new post, and this last week saw a new addition. GERECO is the Geography Education Research Collective. This is worth a look.

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Excavation Reveals 'Major' Ancient Migration to Timor Island

Archaeologists have uncovered a pivotal chapter in human migration history with the discovery of thousands of stone artifacts and animal bones at the Laili rock shelter in Timor Island. This find challenges existing theories about the route early humans took to reach Australia and sheds light on their sophisticated maritime capabilities. Unveiling Timor's Archaeological Treasure Trove In a collaborative effort involving researchers from The Australian National University (ANU), Flinders Universi

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OPINION: As a mental health professional, I can’t single-handedly fix student behavior

The Hechinger Report

A month ago, at one of the schools I serve in East New York, I found myself in a challenging situation that highlighted the misconceptions surrounding the role of school mental health professionals. A teacher, visibly frustrated, approached me after struggling with a student in her class. Despite my three counseling sessions with the student, she said she saw no discernible changes and was disappointed.

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The Challenge to Reduce the Gap Between School and the World

Pedagogy and Formation

Life as we Inhabit many communities As I have written before on this blog, our children learn much more in the day-to-day life of the school than just curriculum content. Education is more than reception of knowledge. The life of the school in and outside the classroom has an influence in shaping them as people and citizens. Hence, all schools and their teachers have some responsibility to keep in mind a focus on transformation of students as learning and life are enacted together in a school 'c

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The Pedagogical Danger of Familiarity

All Things Pedagogical

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about the dangers that come from the familial in our educational spaces. This plays itself out in different ways so I will try to elaborate on what I mean, but I want to emphasize the familial in a couple of ways. The first is what happens when everyone knows everyone else (often too well) in smaller higher education institutions.