Thu.Jul 04, 2024

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July 4, 2024: Democracy on the Brink

Diane Ravitch

I was born in 1938 in Houston. I’m five years older than Joe Biden. I grew up during World War II, which is sometimes called “the last good war.” I remember the air raid sirens, the blackouts (everyone turned off the lights and pulled down the shades in case there was an attack by enemy aircraft), saving scraps of metal to be recycled into bullets. The oldest family photograph I have shows me, my older brother and older sister earnestly waving American flags.

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High-Altitude Cave Reveals Denisovan Presence and Diet

For over a century, the study of Neanderthals has provided significant insights into human evolution, revealing the genetic legacy shared with modern humans. However, the discovery of Denisovans, another close relative, was a surprising revelation that came to light only through DNA sequencing of a small finger bone. Since then, our knowledge of Denisovans has remained limited, with sparse fossil records and few clues about their appearance or lifestyle.


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Do we need a ‘Common Core’ for data science education? 

The Hechinger Report

This is an edition of our Future of Learning newsletter. Sign up today to get it delivered straight to your inbox. I’ve been reporting on data science education for two years now, and it’s become clear to me that what’s missing is a national framework for teaching data skills and literacy, similar to the Common Core standards for math or the Next Generation Science Standards.

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Inverting the Lens: White Privilege Denial in Evaluations of Politicians and Policy

Political Science Now

Inverting the Lens: White Privilege Denial in Evaluations of Politicians and Policy By Reagan Dobbs , University of California, Merced and Stephen P. Nicholson , University of Georgia Public understandings of race in the United States have evolved, at least among some, to acknowledge that whiteness confers privilege. In contrast to the negative racial stereotypes that animate racial resentment, white privilege inverts the lens by focusing on whites and the notion that whiteness confers unearned