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The Difference Between Constructivism And Constructionism


The Difference Between Constructivism And Constructionism by Terry Heick While working on the learning theory visual overview , I realized I couldn’t clearly explain the difference between constructivism and constructionism. So I did a little research and initially didn’t find much to ease my confusion. The Difference Between Constructivism And Constructionism Constructivism is–more or less–the same thing.

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PROOF POINTS: As teacher layoffs loom, research evidence mounts that seniority protections hurt kids in poverty

The Hechinger Report

Teacher layoffs are likely this fall as $190 billion in federal pandemic aid expires. By one estimate , schools spent a fifth of their temporary funds on hiring new people, most of them teachers. Those jobs may soon be cut with many less experienced teachers losing their jobs first. The education world describes this policy with a business acronym used in inventory accounting: LIFO or “Last In, First Out.

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The Cheadle Moon Exhibition: Commemorating Eighty Years Since the Death of Mary Adela Blagg, Astronomer and Selenographer – Samantha Hughes-Johnson

Women's History Network

During Spring 2024 the market town of Cheadle in Staffordshire, often confused with its namesake just over the county border in Cheshire, has seen an influx of thousands of people keen to see the town’s Cheadle Moon exhibition, which commemorates the life and works of the English astronomer and selenographer, Mary Adela Blagg (17 May […]

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OPINION: There are lessons to be learned from Finland, but giving smartphones to young children isn’t one of them

The Hechinger Report

Since I first moved to Finland in 2013, I have witnessed an ever-deepening societal problem that has devastated student learning. Childhood has become dominated by digital devices. This is a global trend, but it disproportionately affects Finnish children. Finland’s teenagers, formerly the world’s highest achievers , still perform above average on the Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA, but they turned in their lowest-ever average scores in math, science and reading in the lat

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How One District Takes STEM Learning to the Next Level

ED Surge

This is part of a three-article series covering key principles to consider when building out computer science programs in your academic setting. Read the other articles here and here. At the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) , one of the largest and most diverse school districts in the United States, we constantly plan new educational programs, prioritizing equitable access and ensuring students graduate prepared for success in college, career and life.

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Read Aloud Podcast: Enhancing Literacy and Learning Outside the Classroom with StoryWalks

Heinemann Blog

Have you ever thought about what literacy might look like outside of the classroom?

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What really happened back then, in 1918?

Life and Landscapes

WHAT REALLY HAPPENED BACK THEN, IN 1918? 1918. With so many people moving around. It was a brand new world, at war with itself. When it should have been looking to fight somewhere else. That World War started because of the death of Franz Ferdinand. By the time it was over, nine million soldiers were dead. Maybe ten million civilians. And how many more came back limping or blind?

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Silenced Confirmation Hearings: Women and People of Color Interrupted More

Political Science Now

In the APSA Public Scholarship Program, graduate students in political science produce summaries of new research in the American Political Science Review. This piece, written by Irem B. A. Örsel , covers the new article by Christina L. Boyd, Paul M. Collins, Jr., Lori A. Ringhand, Gender, Race, and Interruptions at Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings.

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10 Presidents Join College Presidents for Civic Preparedness

Institute for Citizens & Scholars

A new group of ten presidents of diverse higher education institutions from across the country have joined the College Presidents for Civic Preparedness.

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Meet DFP Spring Fellow, Mason Holland, University of Michigan

Political Science Now

Mason Holland is a graduate student in the political science Ph.D. program at the University of Michigan. He holds a B.A. in political science with a minor in women’s, gender, and sexuality studies from the University of Connecticut. His subfield is in American politics with a specific focus on Black politics. His research interests broadly center around American voter behavior, public opinion, and political psychology.

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COLUMN: Biden wants to save the climate by deploying young people. He’s not there yet

The Hechinger Report

On Earth Day, 2024, the Biden White House announced “ Major Steps ” toward the “Landmark American Climate Corps Initiative, Mobilizing the Next Generation of Climate Leaders.” What that amounts to thus far is a website , currently in beta, that, on day one, listed under 2,000 jobs. Many, if not most, already existed at other agencies. Yasmeen Shaheen-McConnell, the ACC’s point person at AmeriCorps, told me, “We are using existing authorities and funds to start the American Climate Corps.