Sun.Feb 18, 2024

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Unlocking the Spectrum of Learning: The Multi-Faceted Magic of Personalization

A Principal's Reflections

We live in exciting times as unprecedented access to knowledge, research, and effective strategies at our fingertips can assist educators in creating meaningful experiences for students that align with both needs and strengths. One thing is for certain: learning is not linear. While a one-size-fits-all approach either worked for us or we just managed to get by, our connected world has shined a light on shifts that can be made to maximize students' time in class.

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Building Better Collaboration Between Families and Schools

Cult of Pedagogy

Listen to my interview with Nawal Qarooni ( transcript ): Sponsored by Listenwise and Khan Academy Kids This page contains Amazon Affiliate and links. When you make a purchase through these links, Cult of Pedagogy gets a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. What’s the difference between Amazon and When I am in spaces where people talk about solutions to some of our biggest problems — poverty, crime, addiction, environmental decline — one theme th

Pedagogy 359

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The Week That Was In 505

Moler's Musing

This week was a 4-day week. We had class Monday through Thursday. There must be a lot of sickness going around because I’ve had a lot of student absences recently. Things just seem scattered and disorganized lately. I need to get myself back on track and find some consistency in my lessons and class structure again. Much of my class focuses on the experience of being actively present within the class sessions and activities.

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3 AI Time Savers for Your Classroom

Leah Cleary

We’ve been discussing AI a lot lately, so I had to share this. I’ve got 3 AI time savers for your classroom. The best part? You’re probably already using them. They’re all companies that have been around for years. They’ve simply harnessed the power of AI to make your life easier. 3 AI Time Savers for Your Classroom: Edpuzzle Here’s the first of 3 AI time savers for your classroom.

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Festival of Fieldwork 2024 - what are you planning?

Living Geography

If you have received your latest GA journals, you will have seen the poster for the forthcoming Festival of Fieldwork. The GA's FOLSIG (Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning Special Interest Group) is one of many groups preparing ideas. Check out the resources from previous years - I created quite a few from the original incarnation. Chapeau to Paula Richardson for all her work here over the last few years.

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The new “Reggie Van Stockum Show” at the “Hoosier Junction Music Hall” in Sulphur Indiana!

Life and Landscapes

What a blast Cheryl and I had with my new “Reggie Van Stockum Show” at the “Hoosier Junction Music Hall” in Sulphur, Indiana. I was even joined by the talented proprietor, Suzie Sterling, who stepped in with some stunning accapella singing! One patron said it was an entirely different experience, like a Beatnik telling stories and singing his music in an Old Coffeehouse setting.

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Of Energy And Synchronicity

All Things Pedagogical

Today wanted to reflect on something that seems to be a bit of a theme in the discussions that I have been having lately which is energy. Some folk are getting close to, or are starting their spring break periods right now and it is often a time that folk reflect on energy. This comes up in terms of thinking about the energy they have already put into the courses they are teaching, the relationship building that comes with this responsibility, and the energy that folk in turn feel like they are